Youzon. A fitting room with the experience factor


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Although the fitting room was originally devised to provide stationary retailers with an additional selling proposition, many of today’s fitting rooms actually put customers off making a purchase. More than 40% of consumers who walk into a store intending to buy something leave again empty-handed because they don’t like the fitting room. This is one of the findings of a representative survey commissioned by us in Germany. It has prompted us to develop a fitting room concept that reflects consumer needs and requirements.


The fitting room has to reward the shopper

As a key decision making point for the customer fitting rooms represent a key touchpoint for fashion retailer. The majority of consumers won’t buy an item of clothing without trying it on first. At the same time, many shoppers complain about the poor fitting room facilities in fashion stores – which is actually quite alarming when you consider the importance of this area and the added value this experience brings, an experience which can never be recreated online. I’m sure most of you out there have used a poorly lit fitting room at some time or other that makes even the most beautiful garment look far from its best.

The fitting room is an intimate retreat in the shopping jungle. It’s a place where customers stressed by media bombardment, physical exertion and social communications can find privacy and quietness. The fitting room rewards customers for visiting it and trying on their selected garments. To compete with online retailers, high street stores should ensure that their fitting rooms aren’t just functional, but also experience-oriented.

Based on photographic know-how

Our Youzon is a brand new fitting room concept that is tailored to the customer’s needs. The basic concept is geared to photography, with the customer’s eyes as the camera, the mirror as the picture detail or frame and a neutral, uncluttered background so that there are no distractions. We have taken six lighting elements which are also used in photography to create a personal stage for the customer. All the lights have infinitely adjustable white light and deliver excellent colour rendering.




Product-specific scenarios and controls

The light control system can create business, sport, casual and evening light scenarios, allowing the customer to select the perfect scenario for the garment being tried on. It is especially important to ensure that there are no illuminated touchscreens in the customer’s line of vision which would fundamentally disrupt the self-identification process. The customer’s privacy also has to be respected at all times. Cameras and body sensors are inacceptable because they would make the customer feel insecure. If you take these parameters into account and preserve the special atmosphere, an interactive, customer-focused lighting concept at the most elementary point of sale becomes an inviting experience.

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Youzon is protected by a utility patent.