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Ansorg gives The Body Shop in Bern a lighting make-over

Inner radiance and outer shine



The real superstars in the fashion world are the make-up artists, yet few people even know their names. They are the people behind the scenes who create the distinctive looks for the models at prêt-à-porter fashion shows around the world. Their inspiration and artistic skills are what create the ‘faces’ of the fashion labels. The Ansorg lighting designers have a similar job. They also work quietly in the background and are equally important in the creation of the overall impression. They’re the make-up artists in the retail world. They use light to emphasise a store’s good features, create a welcoming atmosphere and a distinctive look. Make-up is the art of perfecting facial features. Lighting is the make-up for stores and products.

At The Body Shop in Bern, the Ansorg experts unpacked their equivalents of the make-up artist’s brushes, sponges and cloths to create a sophisticated mix of luminaires and reflectors. The store is the face of the brand. And nothing makes it look more exclusive and efficient than sophisticated lighting in the appropriate places.

A unique blend that meets the highest of standards

Even the best make-up has no effect unless all the components are professionally applied. The wrong element, or the lack of an element, can quickly reverse the overall effect. That’s why Ansorg provides supplementary individual services and an all-inclusive service that extends across the entire lifecycle of its radiant, sales-promoting merchandise enhancers. The luminaires have a modular design so that they can be adapted to individual customer preferences and sector-specific requirements. The objective is always to make the customers feel like invited guests and stage set the products as highlights. In Bern, the Ansorg professionals achieved this by meticulously aligning each luminaire and fine tuning the perimeter lighting, light sculptures and merchandise presentations to give the The Body Shop its inner radiance and outer shine.

Fresh light for inner radiance

Perfect make-up is tailored to a person’s skin tone and complexion, enhancing their facial features and making them look irresistible. The Body Shop’s bright and friendly light has the same effect on customers and passers-by. Although the store has a very narrow front in relation to its size, the lighting transforms it into a sunny invitation. The lighting concept was quite a complex undertaking because the store had the low ceilings of the old building and a distinctive elongated shape. “The building’s architecture meant it was necessary to use light to enhance its appeal and attract customers inside,” recalled Michelle Lehner, Retail Manager at The Body Shop Switzerland AG. “The lighting concept marries our philosophy with the building’s architecture. It was the only way to create the perfect basis for an individual and creative in-shop lighting concept."

Activating lighting directs attention

In the same way that rouge emphasises the cheek bones, single and double rows of gimbal-mounted luminaires adorn the ceilings of The Body Shop. They are the basic element of the vertical lighting arrangement that clearly puts the focus on the products and merchandise. The intense, activating light made it possible to dispense with all other basic lighting elements. Each product axis has its own lighting. This puts intense emphasis on the peripheral zones, improving guest orientation and boosting the feel-good factor. Further back in the store close-set spotlights have been used to create light sculptures that draw attention to the central promotion areas. The interplay between the wall and merchandise lighting entices the guest further back into the light-flooded store. The lighting concept’s clarity and transparency reflects The Body Shop’s philosophy. It is pure and simple, just like the skin and soul-pampering products which The Body Shop manufactures to the highest standards of ethics and sustainability.


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