Beauty Dish. Work light meets feel-good light.

Cosmetic lamps come with a serious disadvantage, namely that they are either purely a work light or provide only inadequate light. Taking this into account, we have created a luminaire that meets the requirements of both make-up artists and their clients.

Good light boosts sales.

The illumination of skin tones is very complex. Finding the right light source for the different requirements is a big challenge. For perfect illumination, we use photographic light shaping and an LED module that has been specifically developed for cosmetic lighting.

Great flexibility in application

With its parabolic reflector, the luminaire provides clear light with a high level of structural rendering and sets the customer in scene without glare and with indirect light in an appealing way. The illumination remains homogeneous, without shadowing. Thanks to the flexible arm, the luminaire is quickly and easily aligned and after its use it disappears again in a space-saving manner on the wall or below the ceiling

Product data Beauty Dish

Lighting equipment: Reflector made of brushed aluminium, LEDs

Size:                      Beauty Dish: Ø 400 mm

Größe:                    Beauty Dish: Ø 400 mm,

                             Length of the swivel arm: 1045 mm

Lumen class:           3000 lm

Dimmability:           Yes

Three versions are available:  Floor installation, Wall- and Table installation

Factsheet Beauty Dish