One for all. Coray.

A spotlight with a core and a ray – that’s Coray.

Our new product family focuses so much on the essential that it does something truly relevant: it creates something universal. Coray provides uniquely flexible lighting solutions and brilliant light settings in minimalist design. It gives lighting planners, architects and retailers untold freedom.

Maximum possible flexibility

The recessed, surface-mountedsemi-recessed spotlights and the suspended luminaire cover, individually or as a group of four, all applications, from large hall lighting to showcase illumination. Your high quality lighting strengthens the value of brands. With horizontal, 360° flexibility with maximum pivotability, Coray luminaires can be adapted to every lighting situation.

Innovative light guide

Lens technology

In the extra-small spotlights of the Coray family, the CX line, we use collimators instead of reflectors. A collimator ensures that the light of the LED is focused according to the lens principle. This way, we achieve maximum luminous efficiency even in our smallest model. With the aid of films, the light from the CX models can be expanded from a super-spot to a spot or medium flood.

3D-faceted reflector technology

The reflectors built into the Coray product family are all Ansorg developments. Equipped with efficient 3D facet technology that has been thoroughly tested in Ansorg’s own light laboratory, they ensure the perfect blend of light and an excellent focus on the merchandise while avoiding undesirable lighting effects. This is how we achieve even distribution of light coupled with outstanding colour quality.

The key features of the new design language

Coray defines an entirely new design language that’s rooted in Ansorg tradition.

Ansorg – quality seal 

The unmistakable design element “quality seal“ emphasizes the strict quality control that is applied to all articles designed, developed and built.



Maximum functionality in minimal design. The solution comprises the integration of the driver into the luminaire, permits multiple LED and reflector configurations and a complete DALI control system.



We hereby underline our claim to quality and the craftsmanship in production of our luminaire housings. This unique detail is found again, for example, on the suspension (fastening/mounting), of the black ring (transition between luminaire and reflector) as well as on the back of the luminaire.




Clear contrasts provide the possibility for playing with material and colour combinations. Metals and plastics lead in their harmonious combination to an enhancement of the design and impart additional expression to the details of all of the components.