The Cardo product family comprises circular gimbal-mounted, recessed spotlights. At the same time, standardisation of the diameters (130 mm and 185 mm) not only give the ceiling a calm, harmonious appearance but also permit combination with luminaires from any of our other product series. For complex and economical lighting schemes, recessed spotlights, wallwashers and downlights are therefore available.

Variants of Cardo line

Product Lighting engineering Systempower & wattage Reflectors
Cardo CBL / Ansorg


  • 17W / 2000lm
  • 29W / 3000lm

Spot, Wide Flood, Flood, Medium Flood

Cardo CTL / Ansorg


  • 26W / 3000lm
  • 36W / 4000lm

Flood, Medium Flood, Wide Flood, Spot


Cardo was successfully used in projects including the following

Further variations of Recessed spotlights family