The Ansorg luminaire systems are of modular design (building block system) and provide various flexible combination possibilities. They are suitable for all lighting tasks and are available for different types of mounting.  

  • Lightstripe Produktfamilienbild / Ansorg


    Lightstripe is a modular luminaire system. The fitting frames are available in various lengths or for arrangement in rows of infinite length for the formation of linear structures fastened in the ceiling cut-out without any use of tools. The...

  • Floatline / Ansorg


    With Floatline, Ansorg provides an economical, linear suspended luminaire system that was developed specially for high-walled salesrooms covering a large area. Floatline impresses with its slim design with a profile height of only 60 mm....

  • Cordline ALB / Ansorg


    The linear lighting system Cordline is well suited to the basic lighting of sales areas, aisle areas and merchandise presentation elements. Various reflector systems can be used depending on the shop concept and they direct the light precisely...

  • Baseline BZL / Ansorg


    High-efficiency Baseline blends discreetly and harmoniously into practically any interior layout. It delivers high-quality light at an optimum light quality-to-cost ratio. This luminaire has a functional design that is reduced to the essentials...

  • Fastline FZL / Ansorg


    Fastline is both a strip light and a spot. This combination provides retail outlets with one single system for both brilliant general lighting and sales-promoting accent lighting in aisle areas. It is also a flexible solution which can be adapted...