Suspended luminaires

Suspended luminaires are used if at the same time a striking design element is to be positioned in the architecture as an eye-catcher. An advantage of pendant mounting is that the mounting height can be chosen in such a way that optimum glare protection is achieved, for example in the case of use over counters or in aisles.

  • / Ansorg


    Mona is a suspended luminaire series in a classic retro design which fulfils both the demand for decorative and emotional lighting and the aspect of technical and functional illumination of goods at a high level. To be particularly emphasised is...

  • Piazza PSL / Ansorg


    The Piazza suspended luminaire series is presented in an appealing, geometrical design. The luminaire was developed for great room heights of five metres and more. Due to the use of different beam angles it is recommended for a homogeneous and...

  • Collection CPL / Ansorg


    Collection, supplementing the Classic family, is a further series of suspended luminaires which likewise harmoniously unites the aspects of emotionality and technology. Particularly to be emphasised, however, is the possibility of individual...

  • Pizza PLL white / Ansorg


    Pizza is a downlight series. The luminaires are closed with white opal acrylic glasses. Thus the impression of a hovering disc or the appearance of diffused daylight falling through an opening in the ceiling is created. Pizza is suitable both for...

  • Coray CLP / Ansorg


    One for all. Reticent, minimal design that concentrates on essentials: on function and functionality. Different structural shapes, sizes and types of mounting permit use in all retail areas - from large hall lighting to the illumination of...