Downlights are integrated harmoniously into the room and hardly appear to be a design element. They provide balanced ambient lighting and are used for light-intensive and economical lighting tasks. 

  • Maxx MMD weiß / Ansorg


    The Maxx product line is a range of luminaires of uniformly shaped design for universal lighting tasks. Innovative reflector equipment produces glare-free light and thus provides good visibility. Different reflector sizes and beam angles provide...

  • Pizza PLL / Ansorg


    Pizza is a downlight series. The luminaires are closed with white opal acrylic glasses. Thus the impression of a hovering disc or the appearance of diffused daylight falling through an opening in the ceiling is created. Pizza is suitable both for...

  • Vecto VDL weiß / Ansorg


    Vecto is now also available in a smaller size. Thanks to its reticent, timeless design, Vecto ensures a seamless transition of luminaire to ceiling. The efficient all-rounder in the salesroom ensures correct alignment of the lighting in the...