Power track-mounted spotlights are flexible as regards both positioning on the power track and alignment. They are also suitable for accent lighting and ambient lighting. Every luminaire family has its own individual design; variants are available using various lighting technologies. 

  • Bop BKL / Ansorg


    The compact spotlight Bop was conceived for the power track and

    as a product for semi-recessing. Bop provides an optimum price/

    performance ratio. The design is balanced and characterised by

    generously dimensioned radii. Bop...

  • Take TKL / Ansorg


    The spotlight Take embodies modern, sophisticated design and brilliant light quality. Innovative convex facetted reflector technology provides Take with very high operational efficiencies and produced brilliant, non-glare presentation light. The...

  • Orio TPL / Ansorg


    The LED spotlight Orio is eye-catching due to its original and high-quality design. Orio presents itself unmistakably in its functional design on the power track or as a recessed version and can be particularly recommended for modern and...

  • Navo NSK DDF / Ansorg


    Our further development of Navo is now even more efficient and hence sets new standards for appealing and economical aisle area lighting, equally suited to Food & Non-food. Larger sections of shelves can also be efficiently and economically...

  • Bit BMT / Ansorg


    The surface-mounted spotlight Bit is a very economical and efficient spotlight. The neutral, unobtrusive use of shapes makes it possible for Bit to be used in a variety of ways.

  • Suno TLS / Ansorg


    Suno is a high performance luminaire with a clean and timeless design. It's compact structure with efficient thermo management combines a high lumen output with a harmonious integration into the architecture.

  • Kono KTM white / Ansorg


    Its slightly conical housing gave the surface-mounted spotlight Kono its name. Its compact structural shape with simultaneously high performance characterize it. Lovingly designed details reflect our Ansorg quality.

  • Coray CMT / Ansorg


    One for all. Reticent, minimal design that concentrates on essentials: on function and functionality. Different structural shapes, sizes and types of mounting permit use in all retail areas - from large hall lighting to the illumination of...

  • Aila AMT / Ansorg


    This energy-efficient aisle-zone luminaire offers the food retail segment innovative lighting at excellent value for money. It has a flat design and a pivotable lens system for maximum flexibility and brilliant light.