The lighting concept

Ansorg not only planned and supplied a fully fledged merchandise lighting system in the Vitra & Camper project by means of recessed ceiling luminaires, but also LED lines integrated into the panels. In this case the lighting design and furniture construction people consult and coordinate closely with each other in order to combine lighting and furniture. The panel lighting is used wherever shoes are presented. The light from the ceiling and the panel lighting system together produce a harmonious distribution of brightness.

Lighting Control
LEDs are used exclusively as the light source. In the area of the goods presentation on the inner corridor wall with the EASY app all of the light sources, that is both the light from the ceiling and the panel light, can therefore have their brightness and colour temperature changed. Hence, for example, with different lighting moods it is possible to respond to changing collections, and warmer or cooler, more accentuated or more extensive lighting situations are possible.

Light atmosphere
The inner rotunda is open upwards towards the translucent tent-like cupola and is hence illuminated in a natural way. However, here too, in what is referred to as the patio, the panels are fitted with integrated LEDs. In the outer rotunda that has a roof the daylight is largely excluded so that the scene can be set for the goods with high-contrast artificial lighting. Tilting and turning recessed ceiling luminaires, partly dimmable and with variable colour temperature (tunable white), are here used for goods illumination. Graphs and other exhibits along the outer corridor wall are illuminated with the light colour temperature 830.

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