Digital Shopping-Features – The Best Shopping Experience for Your Customers

The customer no longer purchases in the stationary shop only. He doesn't just purchase online either. He expects a shopping experience where he can change quickly and easily between on- and offline, while still being able to access all information. The retailer can use different features to meet this demand - depending on brand, range and target group. In the Vitra & Camper project, Vizona as part of Vitra group once more creates the prerequisites for seamless linking of on- and offline elements.
The companies of Vitra group and external network partners have cooperated closely to create the technical prerequisites for use of the digital features. When planning and implementing the technical concept, Vizona also relies on the strength of affiliates Visplay and Ansorg. Visplay delivered the new system Mono 6 P/L, Ansorg the EASY-light control:

Have a look at the exhibition room in our 360° video.

Lighting control system EASY
In the area of goods presentation, the App EASY by Ansorg can orchestrate all light sources, i.e. both ceiling light and tray light, in brightness and colour temperature. This way, different light moods can be used to react to changing collections, for example, warmer or cooler, accentuated or large-area lighting is possible. The LED lamps at the Visplay systems can also be controlled via the app.
Download product folder EASY

Welcome Area
Visitors can log in to the Vitra & Camper pop-up project with their Smartphone via the free WLAN in the Vitra & Camper Pop-up project using a MyCamper or guest account. Alternatively, an anonymous visitor's card is available. An individual QR code is provided on the Smartphone or the visitors' card. This is required to interact with the different touch points in the exhibition room and to put the products onto a wish list.

Mifitto Foot Scanner
Visitors can have their feet measured at the Mifitto foot scanner. With the temporary visitors' card or the MyCamper Account on their Smartphones, the scanned data can be read in by QR code and connected to the visitor. This way, the visitor can specifically find the matching shoe models. The measured data can be called via the MyCamper Account and thus also be used with other Mifitto Partners.

Info Terminals
The wall structure has various information terminals integrated. Various shoes from the store can be put here and automatically recognised by RFID-transmitter. On screens in the background, supplementary product information, images or recommendations appear. The products can be added to the personalised wish list by reading the individual QR code.

Browsable Catalogues
Two 48 inch screens in the exhibition room permit access to the entire Camper product range. The user guidance is as in the Camper Online Shop. The availability of the product in the exhibition room or online shop can be reviewed here. Scanning the QR code at the browsable catalogue enables the visitor to additionally add products to his personalised wish list.

Check-out Table
An employee's iPad is used as a check-out option. He scans the QR code of the temporary visitor's card or the MyCamper account on the Smartphone with his app to transfer products from the customer's wish list to the check-out process. Personalisation of the temporary account is possible here as well. The customer has the choice of taking the shoes home directly if available or having them comfortably sent home.

 Kimea by Visplay
The shop construction system Kimea by Visplay is a further development of the tried and tested Mono sleeve. It has an invisible 24-Volt power routing and brings light and modern media to the goods carrier. The system is suitable for body-like attachments that are used for the goods presentation in the Vitra & Camper Pop-up project.

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