Digital Retail Concepts – The Future of Shopping

Opening today. Conversion tomorrow. Stationary trade is part of a world that is turning faster and faster. This situation is reinforced by the turnover growth of online competition. More and more customers not only collect information online, but also purchase there. Digital change is a great challenge for retail trade.

To keep old customers and gain new ones, shop design is increasing in importance - in addition to the smart linking of online and offline on the floor. Colourless shops are turned into worlds of experience. Perfectly presented stores enable customers to escape from everyday life for a moment.

The Pop-up Project by Vitra & Camper

In the scope of the "Making Africa" exhibition of the Vitra Design Museum, a unique world of experiencing was created in the Dome on the Vitra Campus, to present the camper range - developed by architect Diébédo Francis Kéré from Burkina Faso. At the same time, the visitor was able to experience how the combination of different on- and offline elements enriches products with information and service features and newly puts them into the scene.

With this pop-up project, the companies Visplay, Ansorg and Vizona - as companies of Vitra group - support their competence in the development and implementation of innovative retail concepts.

Photo © Eduardo Perez

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