Innovative reflector technology made by Ansorg

A high-quality and efficient reflector is the core of an optimum lighting solution. It ensures that the light lands where it has to: on the goods!

In our lighting laboratory we develop precisely fitting reflectors for modern lighting technologies and all requirements in the retail trade. Below we will show you some examples:

New type of LED reflector for aisle areas

Navo using efficiently LED technology and innovative reflector technology sets the standards for an sales-promoting and economical lighting of aisle areas. The basis is a high-performance LED module with specific radiation characteristics in combination with a special innovative reflector. By means of indirect light directing Navo ensures perfectly accentuated light settings. The light stikes two asymmetrical reflectors which due to their special geometry ensure visual comfort and absence of glare. The especially economical reflector technology permits distances between luminaires of 3.20 metres. The reflector is used as directional spotlight and as two-directional spotlight for double-sided light distribution.

LED technology and the optimum light beam pattern in the retail field

LEDs, with their positioning in the luminaire and their radiation characteristics, entail new challenges for reflector development. In order to comply with the peculiarities of the LED light sources, reflectors also meet special requirements so as to achieve the optimum result as regards lighting intensity and light quality.

The faceting enables effective light guidance of the luminous flux from the LED unit to the goods. The light is directed, due to the large number of the individual facets, onto the desired target surface several times. In that way undesirable lighting effects are avoided.

The Take TKL spotlight serves as an example of the requirements which a reflector must meet in actual practice. The LED unit used produces a high light flux and a high light quality. So that these parameters can be incorporated into a harmonious lighting atmosphere at the PoS, a reflector type has been developed by Ansorg which in its geometry is adapted to the LED unit.

Here the problems arise with the use of plain reflectors. Some LED units then yield irritating light beam patterns, e.g. a dark spot in the middle.

This is the optimum light beam pattern: special faceting or structuring of the reflector enables effective light directing which overlays the undesirable structures - in that way the light reaches the goods homogeneously and ensures optimum lighting intensity.

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