Efficient use of innovative lighting technologies

In actual practice mainly HIT technology (high-pressure discharge lamps) and LED technology are used. Ansorg offers competent and individualised advice and shows on the basis of comparative analyses, visualisations and live sampling the economic and lighting engineering differences between the HIT and LED technologies.

Below are two examples of comparisons of the lighting technologies, one for a fashion store and one for a car showroom.

In a fashion store

HID concept in a sample salesroom

The reflector characteristics of the HID luminaires create uniform, brilliant lighting of the retail areas. Characteristic are the soft transitions of cones of light. Due to a certain percentage of scattered light, harmonious luminance is obtained which creates a homogeneous room atmosphere.

LED concept in a sample salesroom

The quantity of light is concentrated on the area to be illuminated. As a result, the transitions of the cones of light seem more clearly delimited from each other. The re ector characteristics of the LED luminaires entail only a very low percentage of scattered light; the aisle areas receive less light and appear darker. Thus a room ambiance full of contrasts is produced.

HID concept
LED concept
Shop floor area132 m²132m²
Number of luminaires6464
Beam angle42°40°
Luminous flux of light source4000lm3580lm
Efficiency (LOR)0,63-
System luminous flux of luminaire2520lm3000lm
System power42W29W
System luminous efficacy60lm/W103lm/W
Energy consumption20,4W/m²


In the car showroom

HID (Metal Halide Lamp)

+ Efficient lamps
+ High operating efficiencies
+ Reducing the wattage at the same light intensity with the help
   of modern lamp technology
+ Electronic ballast technology
+ Lower operating costs

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

+ Lower maintenance costs
+ Operating time up to 50,000 hours
+ Low energy consumption / low electricity costs
+ Low heat development in the beam direction of the light
+ No delay of the light output upon switching on /
   flicker-free light
+ Continuously dimmable, without change of the
   light colour temperature
+ No UV and infrared radiation

HID 150W
LED 4000lm
Room height4m4m4m
Average illuminance500lx500lx500lx
Number of luminaires606060
Connected load per spotlight165W80W40W
Energy consumption18,3W/m²8,9W/m²4,4W/m²
Energy savings (as against 150W)52%76%

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