Lighting areas in buildings and rooms

Lighting sets the scene. Lighting shapes the room. It defines the dimensions and proportions. Lighting becomes an aesthetic building block, a dramaturgical instrument. Good lighting makes architecture visible as part of an overall visual concept. Every lighting area makes its own demands on efficient technical implementation.

Characteristics of an architectural lighting concept:

  • Representative entrance areas
  • Large spatial structures
  • Plaza-like areas
  • Different themed areas
  • Vertical coverage
  • Complex sight relations
  • Daylight orientation

Functions of an architectural lighting concept:

  • Lighting for rooms
  • not for areas
  • Specific implementation of lighting technologies
  • Structuring by light colours
  • Definition of "target horizons"
  • Creation of values
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Profitability

Functional light for orientation

  • Ambient lighting for
    • Entrance areas and functional areas
    • Walking areas and places to linger
    • Cash desks and mall areas
  • Standard lighting 

Accentuated lighting for looking

  • Accent lighting for
    • Displays, rear walls and fascination points
    • shop windows
    • Special room areas and rest areas
    • Extension details
  • Creation of attractiveness and values

Decorative light for examining

  • Decorative lighting with
    • Luminaires for display arrangements
    • Highlights, light symbols
  • Atmosphere and special mood by means of
    • Coloured light

Marked light for leading and guiding

  • Orientation lighting on
    • Pillars, pilaster strips
    • Waiting areas in front of elevators
    • Staircase landings
  • Sub-division of large-area levels

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