Light for the car showroom

Car showrooms are realms to be experienced. Light is an important tool with which the vehicles on display are given a perfect charisma and a visit to the car dealer's becomes a sensuous experience. The vehicles are to be seen as sculptures. By means of different lighting situations in each case different shape elements are to be placed at the forefront. Direct and indirect light, point-shaped or wide-area lighting, light colour temperature and intensity are only some of the parameters that influence the plasticity and hence the character of the vehicle. The lighting for a car showroom is an important investment. The aim of every investment is the promotion of sales. As a marketing instrument, lighting supports branding and boosts the customer's sense of well-being. By means of customized lighting design with optimized energy consumption and long maintenance cycles operating costs can be significantly reduced.

Lighting areas in car showrooms

Possibilities for saving energy

The existing concepts of different car manufacturers can be supplemented and more effectively implemented with current lighting technologies.

LED (light-emitting diode)
The luminous efficacy and the colour rendition of LEDs has been continuously developed further and improved in recent years. LEDs can be used for lighting in the car dealer's showroom. Due to the long red and the saving potential can be determined.

Please find a clear comparison between HID and LED technology here.

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